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Traditional wedding at the Palace

A vintage limousine arrives at the Palace entrance, the Groom gracefully leaves it and opens the door on the other side. The Bride's foot, in a shoe shining in the rays of sun, makes its first step on the red carpet. A little girl sprinkles rose petals, and the other one raises the veil in the back. You can hear the joyful cheers for the Bride and Groom coming from the guests gathered by the carpet. Beaming parents await by the entrance - they are the ones commencing the welcoming ceremony with bread and salt (for good luck), giving speeches, good wishes and congratulations. The Bride and Groom raise the first toast and you can hear the sound of broken glasses. The happy Groom picks up his beloved and carries her over the threshold. Together they go up the stairs, leading their guests to the Banquet Halls.


A beautiful, though rainy day, yet nothing is going to disturb the happiness in the eyes of the Bride, who is curiously peeking through the limousine window. The Groom approaches with an umbrella and together they proudly walk towards the Palace where the welcoming ceremony will be held. They enter the hall filled with the cheering guests awaiting the Newlyweds, who give them their best wishes and slowly move towards the banquet halls.


Banquet Halls  

There are four banquet halls at your disposal for seating your guests. In each hall there is a special place for the Bride and Groom. 


Mirror Room

A special and the most beautiful room in the Palace, with octagonal shape and a unique, stucco ornamented ceiling. Dedicated for persons closest to the Bride and Groom. It is the ornamented mirrors that make the room so spacious and, together with antique furniture, reflect the special atmosphere of the palace. The Mirror Room can accommodate up to 48 persons.

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Marble Room 

The room with walls ornamented with marble. In the dancing room there is a dancefloor and great acoustics. The adjacent veranda with the direct passage to the garden is the place where guests can take a short break.

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The biggest room in the Palace accommodating approx. 80 guests, if they are seated at oval or oblong tables. The walls are decorated with mirrors, which makes the room visually even more spacious than it really is. It is possible to customize the room's arrangements to meet your needs.

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Column Room

A private room accommodating max. 40 guests. Its cosy interiors provoke conversations and let you take some rest in comfortable armchairs. The room has a balcony where you can have a cigarette. 

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Wedding Menu

Exquisite menu dishes of our Noble Cuisine will delight you with unique taste. It is the Chef of the Paszkówka Palace Restaurant who is the author of all wedding menu recipes. The Bride and Groom may use the menu offers suggested by the Palace, or compose their own unique set of dishes based on their own ideas and in consultation with the Chef. 

Unique Wedding Venue



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