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Welcome to the Noble Cuisine restaurant of the Paszkówka Palace. We offer dishes of daily natural court cuisine and dishes of festive cuisine. The offer includes pigs, turkeys, geese, lambs, kids and a large choice of fish from the Carp Valley: Zator carp, sturgeon, trout, catfish.

We invite you to the Noble Cuisine Day every Sunday. The picnic takes place in the Palace Garden from spring till late autumn.

er.The Noble Cuisine specialises in banquets, occasional parties and family events. Being the business centre of the region, Kraków is a noisy place, so if you plan a party, it is worth considering a place that is not only elegant, but also peaceful and soothing.


Mission of the Noble Cuisine 

Dear Guests,

Welcome to the Noble Cuisine of the Paszkówka Palace. We created it on the basis of several assumptions that make our cuisine unique:

  • Our dishes are made from local products
  • Bread is baked by our neighbour - baker according to our recipe
  • We prepare yeast cakes and croissants in our kitchen according to Ania's original recipe
  • Fish is kept alive in specially prepared pools in well-oxygenated and filtered water. It is prepared after being ordered by a visitor.
  • Top-quality fresh meat is supplied to us by local producers.
  • We bring carcasses of lambs of Wrzosówka sheep from the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland. The favourite food of this species are herbs, which makes their meat particularly crisp and aromatic.
  • Lisieckie smoked meats, a local product protected by the EU law, are supplied to us by Stanisław Mądry - our neighbour on the other side of the Vistula.
  • Methods of storage / preservation of food in our kitchen
         •- Fresh fish in pools
         - Fresh meat in a cold store at a temperature of 3oC or in marinade
         - Drying and smoking


We create our cuisine together with our neighbours - farmers. Our location allows us to receive the freshest meat of top quality. We put as much as the guest wants on the plate to ensure he eats well and food is not wasted. The price we offer is fair - we take only as much as we have to, in order to ensure a top-quality product, its preparation and service.

Finally, let me invite you to taste the Noble Cuisine by yourselves. Our aim is to prepare truly Polish dishes for you, which represent the Polish tradition and are based on local products, thus being the best and unique meals on a world scale.

Jan Oleksy

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