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For Lovers

Baths in goat's milk

This method of body care combined with relax has been known since the ancient times. Being rich in proteins, vitamins (mainly those from Group B), calcium and many other valuable ingredients, milk oils and moistens the skin. A bath in goat's milk gives the skin unusual delicacy and attractiveness by smoothing and firming it.


Oil Baths

The hotel offer includes also baths in essential oils. It is an unusual experience both for the body and mind. Aromatic flower petals and the magic candlelight strengthen this effect by caressing senses. Essential oils are famous for their aroma-therapeutic and medicinal properties. A bath in water mixed with these oils can have a relaxing effect and/or increase vitality. Essential oils also have a very good effect on the smoothness and elasticity of the skin.


The Paszkówka Palace offers unusual aromatherapy treatments. Aromatherapy utilises the curative effect of natural essential oils on health and well-being. Sicilian Mandarin Oil has soothing, toning, calming and relaxing properties. Bergamot oil with a fresh flower scent helps to reduce stress and anxiety and alleviates mood swings. Lavender oil calms the mind and makes it easier to fall asleep.


Romantic dinner for two

You want to have a dinner in an unconventional place? What about the Fireplace Room? It is an ideal place for cold winter evenings. And what about a cellar and a dinner among the best wines from around the world? Are you romantic? Take your sweetheart to our small island and have dinner only with her in the middle of the lake. What about a table in the park, in the shadow of old trees? And for an engagement ceremony... The splendour of the Mirror Room will certainly enchant your chosen one, particularly by candlelight.


Wine tasting in the cellar

Visit the cellar, where you will find the best wines from around the world. Because of the unique atmosphere of this place, wine tastes best here. Our wines are made primarily in the Bergerac province in France, but also in other areas. Wine is stored properly in an adequate temperature. The interesting arrangement of the cellar creates a specific atmosphere, so we invite you to taste wines here. Everyday, before dinner, you can choose a bottle of wine for yourself. Brands are fine and prices are very attractive.


Magical Kraków

Imagine the narrow streets of Old Town, a walk along the Royal Route to the Wawel Hill, the biggest market square in Europe and atmospheric cafés of the Kazimierz district. And that all is only 25 km away from Paszkówka.




A cart ride or a winter sleigh ride

A perfect idea for an unconventional sightseeing tour of the neighbourhood. And what about a romantic ride with torches in the moonlight?




Frisbee Golf

Frisbee golf is an excellent form of entertainment! The game is based on the rules of classical golf, where the ball is replaced with a frisbee disk and the classic hole is replaced with a metal basket. The player must throw the ball into the basket with the smallest number of throws. As in golf, the throw begins from the place where the disk landed after the previous throw. The match lasts several rounds, during which players collect their points.


Nordic Walking

It is an interesting and pleasant kind of recreation. It is based on marching with sticks adapted particularly for that purpose. March forward together! During Nordic Walking, a person practising this kind of activity engages most of his/her body muscles. They work in a completely different manner in comparison to an ordinary march. They become stronger and sturdier, particularly shoulders.



Swimming pool

We invite our guests to a magnificent swimming pool and jacuzzi located near the historic Granary building. These attractions are available in the summer season from June till September. Around the pool, you can rest on deck chairs or hide in the shadow of parasols.


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