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For Groups

A cart ride or a winter sleigh ride

A perfect idea for an unconventional sightseeing tour of the neighbourhood. In the evening, with torches and mulled wine in the hand, you never know where the sleigh carries you...




Feast with pig roasting

The palace garden is ideal for open-air events. We can organise events for groups of more than 300 persons.




Entertainment officers 

The best way to engage all participants in mutual entertainment. Move to the magical world of witches or the magical gangster decade of the 1920s. Entertainment officers will guarantee an unusual setting of your event.



Barman's shows

Ideal for every opportunity and kind of event. A barman's show will certainly diversify and add colour to your event. It is a must-see.




Wine tasting in the cellar

Visit the cellar, where you will find the best wines from around the world. Because of the unique atmosphere of this place, wine tastes best here. Our wines are made primarily in the Bergerac province in France, but also in other areas. Wine is stored properly in an adequate temperature. The interesting arrangement of the cellar creates a specific atmosphere, so we invite you to taste wines here. Everyday, before dinner, you can choose a bottle of wine for yourself. Brands are fine and prices are very attractive.



In the palace garden there is also a place for a campfire. And the campfire is best accompanied by mulled wine, particularly in winter!




Workshops with the Chef

We will invite you to an extraordinary trip to the Palace Kitchen! During a culinary workshop, the Chef of the Paszkówka Palace Kitchen will introduce you to the magical world of tastes. The group will be divided into teams that will prepare dishes from around the world in a joint effort. Properly prepared dishes will delight both the palate and eyes of the most sophisticated gourmets. Under the guidance of professionals, you will learn the tricks of good flavour, proper selection of spices and serving of dishes.


Disc Golf

Frisbee golf is an excellent form of entertainment! The game is based on the rules of classical golf, where the ball is replaced with a frisbee disk and the classic hole is replaced with a metal basket. The player must throw the ball into the basket with the smallest number of throws. As in golf, the throw begins from the place where the disk landed after the previous throw. The match lasts several rounds, during which players collect their points.


Paszkówka Trophy

Take your friend and discover the strength of friendship! Use your muscles and heads and, most importantly, demonstrate your speed! The race consists of ten events that are aimed at checking your physical condition, logical thinking and teamwork skills. Participants are divided into teams. Their aim is to accomplish all tasks. The whole program is an excellent opportunity to integrate the group and stimulates the need for healthy competition.


Nordic Walking

It is an interesting and pleasant kind of recreation. It is based on marching with sticks adapted particularly for that purpose. March forward together! During Nordic Walking, a person practising this kind of activity engages most of his/her body muscles. They work in a completely different manner in comparison to an ordinary march. They become stronger and sturdier, particularly shoulders.



In the open air, in a room or in water! We always guarantee effective exercises, active rest and excellent fun! This service can be ordered for minimum 10 persons.




Swimming pool

We invite our guests to a magnificent swimming pool and jacuzzi located near the historic Granary building. These attractions are available in the summer season from June till September. Around the pool, you can rest on deck chairs or hide in the shadow of parasols.




The Paszkówka Palace offers unusual aromatherapy treatments. Aromatherapy utilises the curative effect of natural essential oils on health and well-being. Sicilian Mandarin Oil has soothing, toning, calming and relaxing properties. Bergamot oil with a fresh flower scent helps to reduce stress and anxiety and alleviates mood swings. Lavender oil calms the mind and makes it easier to fall asleep. We offer a wide range of essential oils which will help you to feel what true relax and relief is.


Places worth seeing

Magical Kraków

The town on the Vistula that was the capital of Poland for five centuries contains 1/4 of museum resources of Poland. A visit to Kraków is an encounter with the most splendid period of our history. The Old Town of Kraków, the Wawel Hill and the Kazimierz district were inscribed on the first UNESCO World Heritage List created in 1978. At that time, this prestigious distinction was granted only to 12 most valuable sites in the world.


Wieliczka Salt Mine 

For adults and for children. You can go there with your family or with a group of friends. It can be both a peaceful and exciting experience. In the Wieliczka Salt Mine everyone will find something for themselves. Everybody who wants to see the marvellous St. Kinga's Chapel and other equally beautiful places is invited to visit the classic Tourist Route, which has enjoyed unceasing popularity for years. A magical tour across the labyrinth of salt corridors is an ideal opportunity to get to know unique landscapes of exceptional chambers and to discover the tradition and history of the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

Those who look for real adventure and want to know the in's and out's of the functioning of the Mine can make a fascinating trip along the  Mining Route. It is an opportunity to assume the role of a miner and gain the first work experience in the underground profession under the vigilant eye of the chargeman.

Those who are attracted by what is usually inaccessible can visit the areas of the Mine located on the periphery of the tourist route. For the visitors who are particularly interested in this topic, we have prepared an exciting route: Secrets of the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

Pilgrims can become more familiar with the sacred side of the Mine and spend time together under the ground on reflections and prayers  while travelling the "God Bless You" Pilgrimage Route.

The youngest visitors can expect fairy-tale challenges and adventures. Prepared with a view to an excursion with parents or to a school excursion , they are a perfect combination of learning and fun.


KL Auschwitz Concentration Camp

In order to gain adequate knowledge of the place that became the symbol of the Holocaust and Nazi crimes committed against Poles, Roma people and other nations, it is necessary to visit both parts of the former concentration camp - both Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II-Birkenau. Visitors have access to premises and most facilities of former Auschwitz I and Auschwitz-II Birkenau concentration camps.

We definitely do not recommend visiting this place with children under 12.


Wadowice - Papal Town

Wadowice is a small town situated approx. 20 km away from Paszkówka. You can see here the Basilica of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary towering over the market square and the John Paul II Family Home Museum right next to it.


Kalwaria Zebrzydowska

Founded by Mikołaj Zebrzydowski at the beginning of the 17th century, the Sanctuary in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska is today one of the most interesting landscape and architectural layouts in Poland and one of the most frequently visited Polish pilgrimage sites. This place attracts a few dozen thousand pilgrims particularly during the Glorious Mystery of the Lord in Holy Week and during the Mystery of the Burial and Triumph of Our Lady in August. The Calvary Shrine consists of a Baroque basilica containing a miraculous image of Our Lady Of Calvary, a monastery and a complex of churches and chapels in Baroque and manneristic style composed into the picturesque landscape of the Beskid Mountains and called Calvary paths. This sanctuary was built according to the model of the Way of the Cross of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem. Thus, it is a "specific copy of the Jerusalem Calvary" with chapels for making reflections on the Passion and on mysteries from the life of Our Lady.



Only 2 km away from the Paszkówka Palace there is a historic church. The Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary was built in the 2nd half of the 16th century. Furnishings from the 17th-19th century Walls, ceilings of the church and the parapet of the matroneum are covered with polychrome consisting of figural and geometric motifs, which was made in the years 1899-1903. The interior of the church includes, among others, three late-Baroque altars. In the main altar, a famous grace-working Baroque painting of Our Lady with the Child (Sosnowicka) was placed; it is covered by a painting from the 2nd half of the 17th century that shows the Crucifixion. In the left side altar, there is a painting of Saint Anthony with Jesus the Child, and in the right side altar there is a painting of Saint Margaret.



Marcyporęba is a charming village situated 5 km away from Paszkówka. There you can visit the historic wooden church of Saint Martin, which was erected over 300 years ago. It is one of the two wooden churches in the Brzeźnica commune, which are located on the Trail of Wooden Architecture. The church has been refurbished a number of times. The appearance of the church has essentially changed, but its original style is retained. The main altar contains a 17th -century painting of the Assumption of Our Lady. The most valuable historic assets of the church are: a Gothic crucifix from the beginning of the 15th century, a Renaissance stone baptismal font from 1545 and a late Baroque pipe organ. Other elements that have survived till now are three embroidered vestments from the 17th century and two vestments from Polish belts as well as a gilded classicistic monstrance. On the churchyard there is a classicistic bell tower from 1831, the graveyard of the Baum family - inheritors of the neighbouring village Kopytówka and a figure of the Merciful Jesus. The Marcyporęba church is known mainly for the fact that all altars contain pictures of Mary. 


Carp Valley

The Carp Valley is a new name for lands encompassing the former basin of carp breeding in the Oświęcim and Zator Land, which was well-known already in the Middle Ages. Breeding ponds in the Carp Valley occupy hundreds of hectares, stretching out in the valleys of Vistula, Skawa and Wieprzówka rivers. It is also worth visiting Zator carp smokehouses in the neighbourhood.

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