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Delicious Noble Cuisine, Ample Easter Breakfast, Holy Week Traditions, Attractions for the Whole Family



Best dishes festival of Easter Noble Cuisine: whole roasted carcasses (lambs, pigs, ducks, geese, capons), smoked and baked fish from Dolina Karpia [The Carp Valley]. 

Traditional buffet abundant in famous meals of Noble Cuisine.


Easter Package 

  • Overnight accommodation in a palace chamber or a hotel room with breakfast,
  • Best dishes festival of Easter Noble Cuisine - Lenten Friday and Saturday dinner, Sunday ceremonial Easter reception lasting all day: breakfast smoothly turning into dinner with spectacular dishes of Easter Noble Cuisine menu.

Good Friday -  tasty traditional Lenten meals, vegetarian and fasting dishes with no meat and a minimum amount of fat ... body-cleansing diet menus...

Holy Saturday -  menu rich in protein, fish, fats but without the traditional Easter dishes ... fasting in preparation for the great Easter feast 

Easter Sunday ¬-  a wide variety of appetizers, eggs, sausages, hams, rolls, loins, roasts, game, chicken, turkey ... Easter sour rye soup, whole roasted carcasses: lambs, pigs, ducks, geese, capons ... and the famous Easter loaf of bread...


Attractions during your stay

  • EASTER finest noble cuisine
  • painting Easter eggs and decorating Easter baskets
  • decorating Easter cup-cakes
  • Śmingus- Dyngus (“Wet Monday”) in the garden
  • 10% discount on treatments, the offer does not include massages


Our recommendations for your Easter stay: 

  • Celebrations of the Lord’s Passion in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska
  • Blessing of the food on the Main Square in Cracow



During the Easter time our guests are families, couples and single persons. It is quite often that we host the entire family reunions. The Palace then takes on a very ceremonial and festive atmosphere. Family groups stay to themselves or integrate with others. Undoubtedly, our famous Noble Cuisine is the biggest attraction during the holiday stays. At Easter we offer the most abundant and exquisite meals.

You are welcome to join us in decorating Easter pound cakes, painting Easter eggs, preparing baskets and searching for the Easter Bunny. We offer our guests treatments and massages, as well as a ride through the area in a Cracovian horse-drawn carriage.  During your stay, it is worth visiting the sanctuary in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska where the Mysteries of the Passion are observed.


We cordially invite you to stay at our hotel!

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