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Beauty Treatments

Rejuvenating bath in goats milk

Baths in goat’s milk have been used for ages as a method for rejuvenating and relaxing. This treatment oils and hydrates the skin due to its protein rich, vitamin (mainly B), calcium and other beneficial properties. This bath rejuvenates, smooth’s and tightens the skin that gives the skin a shine.

Luxurious bath in aromatherapy oils

Taking a bath in essential oils is exceptionally good for the body and soul, particularly when accompanied by aromatic flower pedals and candlelight. Mixed with water essential oils are famous for their aromatherapy and healing properties and leave the skin exceptionally smooth.

Relaxing classic message

A classic massage is ideal for improving blood circulation and generally improve how the body functions. A relaxing massage loosens up the muscles and eases the mind. A modeling massage helps loosing weight, tightens the muscles and skins. At the guests request massage services can be provided in their hotel room or chamber.

Healing aromatherapy

The Paszkowka Palace offers exceptional aromatherapy treatment. Aromatherapy treatment uses natural essential oils that improve health and one’s wellbeing. Sicilian Mandarin Oils help calm, tone and relax. Bergamot oils help take away the stress and dampen mood swings. Lavender oils help calm and help sleep.

Body treatments

Professional cosmetics and massages are an easy and painless method for improving your silhouette. Body firming massages help tighten the skin and improve its elasticity. Treatments intended to slim and bring back a youthful look not only help one’s appearance but also help you feel better about yourself. Beauty treatment masks cause the skin to be smooth and silky.

Face treatments

The palace staff provides face cleansing and beauty treatments. Classic peeling and special skin tightening treatments have a truly positive effect on the skin. We offer professional beauty treatments which cause the facial skin to be delicate to the touch; and especially, the skin will look attractive and youthful for people of all ages.

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