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After an unforgettable evening full of moving moments you deserve to relax in one of the luxurious palace chambers. All together the Paszkowka Palace can accommodate 100 people in the palace and the adjacent palace granary building. During the wedding party the Paszkowka Palace may be dedicated to the wedding and at the full disposal of the wedding couple and guests. With the guests in mind we also have various rebates for services and attractions to entertain the guests during their stay. For further details please contact our marketing department.

Neo-gothic style palace chambers

13 stylish and elegant palace chambers located on the second and third floor of the historic neo-gothic style palace.


Guest rooms in the historic palace granary building

26 comfortable single & double occupancy rooms located in the palace’s restored granary building.  




Hotel rooms (22 twin rooms & 4 single rooms) with 23% discount 5000 PLN
Palace Chambers (13 chambers) with 13% discount  5000 PLN
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Prices and booking